About Perseus

We build and operate hotels.
We are – A hotel developer, owner and operator.
We transform – The way people travel, live and work.
We create – Distinctive hospitality experiences, brands and products.

Since 2011, Perseus has aspired to redefine the standard of the lifestyle hospitality sector - “People travel everywhere, work anywhere. They form communities wherever they are, looking for different ways to live, work and travel. They also want to share and engage more. Dedicated to travellers and residents alike, a hotel is where we sleep, eat, dance, work, meet, discover and contribute to a community, where travellers, guests, neighbours and hotel staff all spend time together".

We are currently developing two new 5* projects in France and Portugal. We plan to further expand into Europe, focusing on exclusive and strategic destinations, capital or getaway cities, and international leisure and luxury destinations.

We aim to build a collection of properties that will reflect our take on life, that will inspire change and communicate values - places with a strong neighbourhood feel, hotels where you can stop for coffee or stay for a while, choose to be on your own or just show up and find a community. In a lobby, you may decide to work over cocktails, pop into a live music session, or hang with friends and meet people from all walks of life. Or perhaps you’ll roll solo, grab a book, stay inside and do your thing. Finally, we also have a strong belief that restaurants and bars, just as in building or renovating, should make our health and the environment a priority.

We take a long-term view of our business, an approach which we believe will help us grow sustainably -
hospitality with a sense of responsibility.

« We want to create the luxury hotels of the future. »

One vision

We all share the same vision.
It is embodied in our hotels; in their history, identity and character. We share it among ourselves and with others.
It’s simple, it’s honest, and it’s accessible.

A community

In a hotel, people come and go. Whether for a night, or just a drink, we bring them together. For leisure or for work, for fun, for a project or by chance. Residents and travellers get to meet our staff, the suppliers we buy goods from as well as the artists we collaborate with. They meet in the hotel, they connect online. We are a thriving community that is always changing.
We share drinks, ideal, a place. It’s up to you to roll solo or be with others.
“Privacy within your rooms, community within your reach”.

Your stay, your way

The way we live and work today has blurred boundaries between traditional models of residential and guest accommodation.
Hotels aren’t just a place to sleep any longer, holiday rentals should be more than just apartments.

Travel everywhere, work anywhere

Many modern travellers are blending work and life, choosing to explore the world, while continuing to work. We want you to be able to work whenever and wherever you feel the most productive or creative. Work on your own, or with a sense of community.

A collaboration platform

We love working with people. Building partnerships. Working together, promoting a co-operative approach to life. Whether a newspaper seller, a DJ, a florist, an international artist, a brand, or a local producer…Working with others enables us to transform the very idea of hospitality. We believe that creating spaces where people can share their mindset, their savoir-faire
or their vision of the world, and where they can be inspired, adds another dimension to our journey.

Neighbourhood life

We are at the heart of the neighbourhood. Constantly collaborating with the local community, we represent and cultivate local culture and expertise. We work with local businesses and retailers, schools, artists or simply local residents. They come for coffee, they invite us for drinks. We live with people from all walks of life and are open to the world. Wherever you are from, you become a neighbour.

An entrepreneurial spirit

Inside and outside the hotels, our whole team shares a single mindset: one that is flexible, persistent and proactive. This entrepreneurial spirit is nonetheless defined by a vital set of very simple rules rooted in team culture yet designed to cultivate individual creativity and initiative wherever possible.
We’re always on the lookout for innovative and valuable solutions and we’re committed to investing in the growth of our business.

People around us

We create jobs, work in partnerships and exchange with both municipalities and international organisations. We are at the heart of an economy to which we strive to contribute in a responsible way, socially and environmentally,
and at the heart of a society in which we seek to significantly participate.

For the long run

For us, sustainability is a mindset, a way of doing business. It relies on proven methods, meticulous management and reporting to ensure the long-term profitability and viability of our businesses. We also take a very strong environmental pledge by fundamentally changing the way we build and operate. Building and renovating as well as daily sourcing and operating in a socially responsible manner and meeting today’s needs with future generations in mind. In a word: we are here to stay.


  • • 2011

    • Valéry Grégo and Platina International established Perseus.

    • Soon afterwards, Valéry was joined by Vanina Kovarski who is now in charge of branding, marketing and communication works. Vanina was closely involved in the early days of the company.

    • Acquired the three-star, 81-room, Le Val Thorens before Reopening it as a four-star hotel after an extensive six-month renovation that added two rooms, a large pool with a mountain view, and a spa.

    • 2012

    • Hadrien Monville joined the team and is now in charge of acquisitions and business development.

    • Acquired the four-star, 56-room Le Fitz Roy in Val Thorens, and the four-star, 31-room Hôtel des 3 Vallées in Courchevel 1850, which we operated unchanged for the first winter season pending work to be carried out in the summer.

    • 2013

    • Reopened the Hôtel des 3 Vallées after renovation and repositioning as a luxury four-star property and the Fitz Roy as Europe’s highest five-star hotel.

    • Abdelilah Elassooudi joined the team as senior accountant in charge of our holdings, based in our offices in Belgium.

    • 2014

    • Acquired the three-star, 47-room Hôtel Atlanta-Frochot in Paris 9, with plans to convert it into an upmarket four-star boutique hotel.

    • Began the Hôtel du Couvent project, an ambitious conversion of a sixteenth-century monastery in Nice into an 88-room five-star hotel.

  • • 2015

    • Le Pigalle opened as a four-star, 40-bedroom hotel with a large ground floor opening onto the street. It used a highly innovative collaborative concept, working closely with local retailers, artists and craftspeople to create a neighbourhood hotel.

    • Acquired the five-star Alpaga in Megève, with 27 rooms and suites, and 5 chalets.

    • Acquired the three-star, 50-bedroom Les Roches Rouges in Saint-Raphaël, and began a major programme of work to reposition it as a five-star beachfront hotel.

    • 2016

    • Elena Ladisova joined the operation and business development team.

    • 2017

    • Hotel Les Roches Rouges opened as a lifestyle five-star beachfront 50-bedroom hotel in Saint-Raphael with 2 pools, 2 restaurants, 3 bars, a spa and an extensive activity program in collaboration with the local community.

    • 2017

    • Hotel Les Roches Rouges opened as a lifestyle five-star beachfront 50-bedroom hotel in Saint-Raphael with 2 pools, 2 restaurants, 3 bars, a spa and an extensive activity program in collaboration with the local community.

    • 2018

    • Opening of Bar 14 in Barcelona, in collaboration with Dean Shury.

    • Audrey Coppier joined the team as CFO and Lucie Plassard joined the team as financial controller.

    • 2019

    • Les Hôtels d’en Haut portfolio (5 hotels) has been sold to KSL Capital Partners.

    • 2019

    • Les Hôtels d’en Haut portfolio (5 hotels) has been sold to KSL Capital Partners.

Inspire change

We want to use the hotel experience as a broader platform for change. To change the way we build, experience things, interact with each other, or what we eat and drink… making small steps for a better future.

We seek to create a sustainable society for generations to come by helping individuals, businesses, creators and service providers adopt and share lifestyles which embody “considerate social commitment”.

We want to use the hotel experience as a broader platform to inspire social change; change who we recruit, who we work with and change how we work with people.